Shipping Agency

Indonesian Shipping Agency

The Shipping Agency is fully responsible and obliged to ensure that ships visiting its port of operation are served and provided with all goods and services required by the ship in a timely manner.

Batam is an island located in Indonesia, known for its strategic location near Singapore and Malaysia. As a result, Batam has become a popular hub for shipping and logistics in the region. There are several popular shipping agencies in Batam, such as PT Widi Jasa Samudra. These shipping agencies offer a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, cargo handling, and shipping agency services.

Prior to the arrival of the ship to a port, the shipping agency will receive a nomination (election) from the ship’s owner/charterer or a future port call. After the nomination is received, the shipping agency begins to prepare for the ship’s visit.

The role of this shipping agency includes
  1. Freight forwarding: This service involves arranging the transportation of goods from one location to another. Shipping agencies can handle the logistics of moving cargo by sea, air, or land, and can coordinate with carriers, customs officials, and other parties involved in the shipping process. They can also provide advice on the most efficient and cost-effective routes and modes of transportation.
  2. Customs clearance: When goods are shipped across international borders, they must go through customs clearance. Shipping agencies can help ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared and filed correctly and that goods comply with import and export regulations. They can also handle any issues that arise during the customs clearance process.
  3. Cargo handling: Shipping agencies can arrange for the loading and unloading of cargo from ships, and can coordinate with other parties involved in the shipping process, such as stevedores, terminal operators, and customs officials. They can also provide advice on the best methods for securing and handling different types of cargo.
  4. Port services: Shipping agencies can provide a range of services at ports, including arranging for pilotage (guiding ships in and out of port), tugboat services (assisting with the maneuvering of ships), and berthing (securing ships at dock). They can also arrange for services such as fueling, provisioning, and repairs.
  5. Documentation: Shipping agencies can assist with the preparation and processing of all necessary documentation related to shipping, such as bills of lading, customs forms, and other legal documents. They can also help ensure that all documentation is completed accurately and submitted on time to avoid delays or penalties.
  6. Insurance: Shipping agencies may also offer insurance services to protect cargo against loss or damage during transport.
  • Booking of Berth/ Anchorage Spot for ships with port authority (call announcement).
  • Provides port and bertrestriction information.
  • Relationships with various service suppliers at the port (courier services, water taxis, suppliers of food/beverage needs, fresh water suppliers, bunker suppliers, transportation services, etc.) for scheduling and delivery of goods and services to ships.
  • Relationships with various authorities required in providing administrative services to ships (Customs, Authority Agencies, Fire Service, etc.).
  • Prepare cargo documents and manage cargo handling required by ships.
  • Set up Pilots and Tugboats for ships to enter the port area
  • Clearance and Shipment Spare parts delivery.
  • Assist in Crew Change for ships both when the ship docks at the port and when in OPL.
  • Handling when a crew has an accident or illness that requires medical assistance.
  • Assisting the coordination in the provision of security personnel for Vessel Protection.
  • Assist in the administration of Visa when arriving at the port.
  • Assist in homestay or hotel arrangements when needed.
  • Assist in coordinating docking/repair for ships
  • Prepare ship waste disposal (waste disposal) if necessary.
  • Assist in the preparation and things needed for ship tank cleaning.
  • Collection of deadfreight/mining money on the orders of the ship owner
  • Signing the Bill of Lading under certain conditions on behalf of the owner/ship (behalf of owner)
  • Provide Cash to Master (delivery of foreign currency to ships)
  • Prepare transportation for ship crew
  • Providing protection agent services (supervising cargo operations during the port to avoid losses/problems on the ship)