Ship Husbandry


Ship husbandry is a term used to describe the management and care of a vessel while it is in port. The goal of ship husbandry is to ensure that the vessel is in good condition, and ready to continue its voyage when it leaves Port.

There are several activities
Shipping Husbandry Refers

Ship Husbandry refers to the range of services for vessels when they are in Port. The following are several main activities involving Ship Husbandry:

  1. Crew services: refers to a range of services to the vessel’s crew, such as arranging for crew change, land and sea transportation, hotel accommodation, and assisting with immigration and customs formalities.
  2. Supply chain management: refers to managing the logistics of supplies and provisions for the vessel, such as supply of fuel, food, and other necessities. Ship husbandry company may provide procurement and supply chain management services to ensure that vessels have the resources and necessities while in port.
  3. Technical services: refers to providing technical services to vessels while in port, such as repairs, maintenance, and inspections. These services may include engine repairs, welding, painting, and cleaning as per client’s request.
  4. Port agency services: refers to responsibility as port agents for vessels, to provide a range of services such as coordinating with port authorities, pilotage and tug services arrangement, and coordinating cargo handling operations.
  5. Environmental management: refers to providing environmental services to vessels, including waste management and disposal, ballast water management in compliance with the environmental regulations.
  6. Security services: refers to providing security services to vessels while in port, including security assessments, crew training, and daily hire of security personnel.