Cargo Transshipment

Cargo transshipment

Cargo transshipment is the process of transferring goods from one vessel to another during the course of a shipment. This is typically done when a vessel is unable to enter a particular port due to size restrictions or other logistical issues. In these cases, the cargo is offloaded onto a smaller vessel or barge, which is then used to transport the goods to the final destination.


Port agencies play an important role in the management of ships arriving at ports. They provide a range of services to ensure that the ships and their captains comply with all the necessary regulations and procedures. This includes assisting with the allocation of mooring areas and ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order, such as clearance from customs and immigration authorities. Port agencies also provide information on any customs charges and other government procedures that need to be fulfilled by the captain of the ship, such as the payment of tariffs or taxes on imported goods. By working closely with the port agencies, ships and their captains can ensure a smooth and efficient process when arriving at port.

Several companies offer exclusive port agency services. Port agents are present physically when the ship arrives at a particular port and then make sure that all the above-mentioned procedures are carried out. This ensures dependability from both parties. The physical presence of port agents ensures that the responsibility is being taken care of by the company providing the shipping services and, from the client’s part, that there is no illegality involved with the ship and its crew anywhere.


Also, since aspects of legality and illegality are involved, it must be noted that port agents must have a very clear criminal record. This is the first thing that is checked after a person aspiring to be a port agent has been accepted by a company offering port agency services. If a person has the educational qualifications but also has a criminal or police record, then that person is disqualified from being a port agent.

This is why it becomes the responsibility of the port agency to make sure that none of its port agents have a prior criminal record. This further adds to the credibility aspect of a port agency. In addition to ships, a port agency also handles smaller boats and yachts. This covers all marine vessels, big and small. Another important shipping service that a port agency offers is the cleaning up of garbage and other waste materials from the ports.